Soluzioni per le Assicurazioni

Applicazioni "Stand-Alone" e integrazione di dati tra diverse soluzioni

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Soluzioni con GS1

Soluzioni per lo scambio e integrazione di dati basati su GS1 Data Standards

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Progetti GDSN

Consulenza e Gestione Progetti GDSN

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GDSN Projects

Global Data Sychronisation Network: Projects and Consultancy



Processi e iterazioni tra eventi e persone

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Integration & Dashboard

Integrazione e consultazione dati tra sistemi

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Qualità Dati - Framework

Gestione Progetti di GS1 Data Quality Framework


Data Quality Framework

Projects Based on GS1 Data Quality Framework



Consulenza sui miglioramenti ottenibili tramite processi di data exchange

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Allineamento Dati - Soluzione

Soluzione che permette di creare una base dati coerente e omogenea

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Data Alignment Solution

Data Alignment Tools, cross checking and merging


System & Data Integration

Sviluppo di soluzioni per integrare e completare processi aziendali

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Gestione e normalizzazione dati anagrafici dei fornitori

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PIM - Soluzione

La Soluzione PIM - Product Information Manager GS1

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Pim Solution

PIM Solutions Product Information Manager GS1



Sviluppo soluzioni per la condivisione di informazioni tra più sistemi basati su GS1 data standards

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Creating and publish a monograph: its meaning, construction, kinds and worth

Creating and publish a monograph: its meaning, construction, kinds and worth

Exactly what is a monograph and what exactly is it for?

A monograph can be a medical job in which a single technological topic or direction is extensively analyzed, general, defined and checked from various ends. From the surroundings of professionals, a severe long-term scientific studies are published such as a monograph.

The author’s monograph is a way to show the clinical entire world his perspective with a concern by using a thorough explanation of your research methodology, having a display and presentation of the completed operate. To post a monograph, as a rule, is probably the numerous requirements of your dissertation local authority or council for that defense of your doctorate dissertation.

Furthermore, the newsletter of the monograph is a good way to guard the copyrights towards the function from plagiarism, contrary to the easy newsletter of your scientific report.

2 types of monographs which you can use

There are 2 forms of clinical monographs:

  • Private;

A group medical monograph is really a operate published by numerous scientists in co-authorship. Thus, in case the technological fabric is just not adequate for the author’s monograph, but id adequate for that report, he then can be a co-author of the group medical monograph, which is a lot more esteemed.

The author’s monograph for the scientist is amongst the most authoritative ways to show the results of his writings. In this instance, this writer is a person who, with the aid of such a distribution, drastically raises his power within the technological local community on the subject of the monograph.

Composition from the monograph has 10 points

  1. Headline page. The surname and initials of your article writer, the area and season of newsletter, the entire title of the monograph, the name of your writing house and ideas for newsletter through the technological authorities of your investigation institution or university are demonstrated on this page.
  2. The second site is definitely the productivity info of your book. The line suggests the author, title, town of distribution, publisher’s label, 12 months of distribution and number of web pages. In this article the indices of BBK, UDC and ISBN are printed out. An annotation of 500-1000 character types is required. It is actually a review of the material of your reserve with suggestions about the group of prospective readers.
  3. Table of contents. It is actually appealing to really make it feasible for reading through; the reasoning of business presentation from the material with out looking at the full guide ought to be apparent, plus it must have no more than three levels inside the hierarchy (part, portion, section).
  4. Launch. It is really an introduction in the visitor within the troubles of monographic research. It contains a short explanation of parts or segments. The author temporarily touches upon the peculiarities of s methods, describes the methods of analysis, and details the key concerns brought up in the monograph.
  5. Very first aspect. Its content has the examination of currently accessible information and facts with category and constructing from the point of view of different authors, in elements and methods. The author’s standpoint should be demonstrated and also the author’s model from the solution of the catch is defined in depth.
  6. The rest of the parts. The monograph could be separated into several components as outlined by logic. It is crucial that all parts totally deal with the entire raised matter. If the article writer does not have an adequate amount of his very own research, it is actually permissible to utilize the job of other researchers, though with the author’s obligatory point of view on such reports with the obligatory reference point to them.
  7. The final outcome has got the results of function. The key thoughts, information and ideas from the function are created really lightly. The spot on this monographic research inside the standard theory is demonstrated.
  8. Subject matter list
  9. Bibliography
  10. Software, further resources, tables

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