Agile Software Development for data sharing solutions based on GS1 Data Standards.


Data Alignment

Internal Data Alignment and Data Quality Management System

The full potential of the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN) will be realized only if a sustainable process to ensure the quality of the data exists. This is done through actions such as:

  • Construction of a system of management of data quality that will guarantee the quality of the data generated to the outside.
  • Implementing internal alignment of the data (IDA) for the effective flow of information internally.

Data Quality Solutions for your important data
Low quality data means automatic operations blocked by incoherent data that spoil the overall benefits of an automatic exchanges. Error handling costs more that the overall benefits. Those who have already been through electronic data interchange (EDI) projects know how true this is.

A Data Quality Process is therefore indispensable.

Standardization of Data
The cross-checking, standardization and transformation of anagraph records into true Master Data
Multiple Master Records identification
Data Normalization
Correction, normalization and validation of data
The completion of the database with new data which is perfectly across  internal and external systems.

Data Management
Database Cleansing, integration and data migration.

Data Quality Investigation
The instrument of professional analysis of the data that you want to make unique. This tool is used for operations targeted analysis of data, products, customers and transactional.

Data Quality Monitor
Our monitor of the data quality of your mission critical database tables. If certain threshold values are exceeded, an alarm is triggered automatically alerting operators.

Data Quality Batch Suite
Our integrated solution for Data Quality manages the project of Master Data Identification and Data Cleansing. The management of massive amounts of data  enables companies to clean up the master data in a fully automatic way.