GS1 based Solutions

Solutions for data exchange and integration based on GS1 Data Standards



Consultancy to identify improvements gained from data exchange processes.


System & Data Integration

Solution for integration and completion of business processes.



Our Solutions offering  has matured over the years, developing through various market sectors and focusing inevitably a higher knowledge in certain business sectors and their processes.

We have developed vertical solutions for data management and exchange and sales process integration solutions.

Thanks to the use of cutting edge software tools which cut down development time and Six Sigma and Agile project methods we regularly manage to maximise ROI  and guarantee the technological continuity of our solutions.

Our solutions area indipendant of the platforms and the technological scalability allows growth over time whilst maintaining harmony and security of the environment.



  • The study of solutions which improve company performance
  • Specific software to manage organisation logics and processes
  • Adoption of innovative technology to create competitivity
  • Web and Mobile APPS


  • Refreshing your business, limited by old technological support
  • Adapting old solutions to new needs
  • Adding new instruments to present systems
  • Obtaining a new efficent solution from old, though proven processes 


  • Add external functionality to existing systems through leverage of latest technology
  • Connect business information for Business Intelligence solutions
  • Unite and rationalise information flow over a single front-end environment  


Operating Systems

  • Windows
  • Linux
  • MacOS