Agile Software Development for data sharing solutions based on GS1 Data Standards.


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Our Services
Logic Impresa helps customers who wish to gain the benefits from data and information sharing to improve service quality between customers and suppliers.

We follow and apply the guidelines and data standards indicated by GS1, used worldwide, to facilitate the creation of shared data processes between suppliers and customers.

The success of these projects is very often determined by the choice of standards to be adopted.

We offer our specific expertise in consultancy, project management and software development to guide customers to these objectives in 2 specific GS1 areas.

Where the customer goals do not yet include the use of such GS1 standards and procedures we adapt these projects and solutions to the specific needs.

1) Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN®) di GS1
The GS1 Global Data Synchronisation Network connects trading partners (manufacturers, retailers, distributors, hospitals, wholesalers and group purchase organisations) to the GS1 Global Registry®. This connection is made via a network of interoperable GDSN-certified data pools.

GDSN uses a uniform language to classify products so buyers and sellers around the world can classify them in the same way.

It means you’ll be able to react quickly to consumer or patient needs, break down language barriers and report across product silos.

2) Data Quality Framework
Good quality data means that all master data is complete, consistent, accurate, time-stamped and industry standards-based. By improving the quality of data, trading partners reduce costs, improve productivity and accelerate speed to market.

Good quality data is foundational to collaborative commerce and global data synchronisation.

GS1 GDSN calls for data quality programmes that are sustainable and focused on the long term: our experience has shown time and again that business benefits come not from enacting short-term curative data cleansing actions, but only from having good quality data from the start.

A wide variety of benefits

Good data quality is a key ingredient of an efficient supply chain. Having the means to continuously maintain high quality data is not only vital to reducing errors in the supply chain, but it is also fundamental to increasing efficiency, reducing costs and positively impacting customer satisfaction. Data quality also allows for more sophisticated types of collaboration between trading partners.

Better quality data bring solutions to many problems