GS1 based Solutions

Solutions for data exchange and integration based on GS1 Data Standards



Consultancy to identify improvements gained from data exchange processes.


System & Data Integration

Solution for integration and completion of business processes.


System & Data Integration

Solutions for Data and Process Integration
There comes a time when the software solutions present no longer cover the needs, especially when you look at extending the collaboration outside of your own walls.

Your work processes and market have changed and the technology available now allows you to do much more, in less time and still maintain control, especially when you have the benefits of data integration and data quality.

Software solutions have become easier to make and integrate with existing systems.
Times change quickly and any integration much change just as fast and flexibly.

The approach is called Agile. Lo sviluppo Agile of software applications. Logic Impresa adopts this approach for application software. Clear goals, tight schedules, limited resources, precise responsability.


Data and System Integration

  • Extend IS functionality with front edge technology
  • Link information lfow into a single environment
  • Link company data to optimise information visibility over different systems

We offer applications which integrate data from different applications, over different databases with no import export files needing to be exchanged. A data mash for the easiest of integrations.

Our solutions which can read from different databases, present a single user interface with the data linked onto one screen.

These solutions are quickly developed with a limited impact on centralised systems, requiring no or near to zero development.

Some typical examples of integration:

  • sharing and cleaning of disaligned master data
  • sharing of diasaligned supplier data for quality certification
  • linked between accounts and production systems for cost control
  • sales process support
  • CRM: order entry
  • Overall Maintenance and Support systems Dashboard


If you are interested in discovering how we can integrate to help cover your needs just contact us for a meeting.